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Can I Use Optus Sport Overseas?

Can I Use Optus Sport Overseas
Final Thoughts – Watching your beloved teams and the most significant soccer matches with Optus Sport in USA is possible and relatively straightforward with the right VPN. If you still have this question in your mind like ‘ does Optus Sport work overseas? ‘ No, it only works in Australia because of geo-restrictions.

  1. However, using a VPN with servers in Australia, you can access Optus Sports in Netherlands and in other countries.
  2. To make life easy, we would always recommend going for a VPN with excellent server options, security, speed, and privacy features.
  3. For top performance and features, we recommend ExpressVPN to watch Optus Sport in Netherlands,

If you hurry up, you can avail of their limited-time offer of ” 12 Months + 3 Months Free “, which you can cancel anytime if you don’t find it worth it and claim your funds via a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Can you watch Optus Sport outside of Australia?

FAQs – Optus Sport Outside Australia – Optus Sport is an Australian streaming platform that only has right to broadcast its content within the Australian region. The licensing and copyright agreements that Optus has with its content distribution partners say that the streaming platform can only broadcast its content within Australia.

ExpressVPN – The best and premium VPN to watch Optus Sport from abroad. It costs you only AU$ 9.41/ mo (US$ 6.67/mo), Offers 7 speedy Australian servers with 5 simultaneous streams and a MediaStreamer feature for non-VPN-supported devices. Besides premium content, Optus Sport also offers shows and events that are completely free for every user,

You only need to register your Optus Sport account by signing up with your username and password. And that’s all. Enjoy free sports on Optus Sport from anywhere. However, to watch live sports and leagues, you must opt for a subscription plan offered by the service.

  1. No, it is not illegal to access Optus Sport with a VPN.
  2. While using a VPN itself is not illegal in most parts of the world, accessing Optus Sport with a VPN does violate Optus Sport own terms of usage.
  3. Yes, due to strict Optus Sport regional restrictions, it blocks free or non-reliable VPNs.
  4. Among the VPNs that it is blocking, many top-notch VPN providers are included as well.

However, with only paid and premium VPN services like ExpressVPN, you can circumvent the Optus Sport VPN error and access Optus Sport outside Australia without being caught by the providers. You can’t access Optus Sport outside Australia without a VPN, because the service is restricted only to Australia,

  1. If you’re living or traveling abroad, using a VPN is your only solution to bypass the Optus Sport network error and watch Optus Sport outside Australia.
  2. Launch the Optus Sport app on your mobile or tablet.
  3. Click on the CAST icon available in the app’s top-right corner.
  4. Then, tap on the Chromecast you desire to stream on.

After that, the CAST icon will change color and the streaming will start instantly. However, if you find Optus Sport not working on LG Smart TVs or any Smart TVs in general, then you can always check your internet connection or update your Optus app. You need an Optus Sport account to access free content on the platform.

  • Enter an Optus Sport username and sign up for an Optus Sport account.
  • Click on the free icon present on the Optus Sport content titles.

Here’s how you can cancel Optus Sport through the Google Play Store:

  • Launch the Google Play Store on your Android phone/tablet.
  • Click Menu > Payments & Subscriptions > Subscriptions.
  • Tap on your Optus Sport subscription.
  • Click Cancel Subscription.
  • Follow all the prompts and you’re done.

Can I access Optus Sports overseas?

Can I use Optus Sport on Fire TV Stick? – Yes, you can use Optus Sport on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, In order to do so, you’ll need to download the Optus Sport app onto your Fire Stick device. Remember, Optus Sport is only available in Australia. If you’re traveling abroad, you’ll need to first connect to a VPN (most of the VPNs in this post offer apps for Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick), connect to a server in Australia, and you should be all set!

What country has Optus Sport?

Optus Sport is an Australian group of sports channels, owned by Optus launched on 13 July 2016. Optus Sport.

Country Australia
Language(s) English
Picture format 720p (IPTV) 1080i (Satellite)

Can I stream Optus Sport?

Streaming in 720p (HD) All compatible devices are able to stream Optus Sport in up to 720p HD (HD), depending on your Internet connection (including bandwidth). On most devices, the video player has a Settings button which allows you to choose higher or lower resolution video.

How can I watch Australian sports overseas?

How to Watch Kayo Sports Outside Australia with a VPN – To watch Kayo Sports outside Australia, you just have to follow a few simple steps. After completing all of them, you can watch your favorite sports on Kayo Sports from anywhere in the world, and that too at high-speeds! However, to streamline the process further, we have divided the installation guide according to the many different platforms available.

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Does Optus Sport block VPN?

2. Try connecting to a different VPN server – Another way to fix this error is by switching to another VPN server, Optus Sport identifies your IP address and blacklists it from accessing the channel. You can connect with the different VPN servers which are not blacklisted by Optus Sports.

How do I stream internationally?

Want to keep up with all your favorite US TV shows while traveling abroad? Since a lot of US streaming services are region-locked you’ll need a VPN. Find out which are the best VPNs to watch US TV online. @VPN_News UPDATED: March 15, 2023 Can I Use Optus Sport Overseas If you are traveling abroad and want to carry on watching all your favorite shows from back home, you will need the help of a VPN. A VPN allows you to spoof your location and access your home streaming services from anywhere in the world. We reveal the best VPNs for Americans abroad plus how to get set up, even if you’ve never used one before.

  • As an American, one of the biggest challenges you face when traveling is access to decent TV shows.
  • Even in the UK or other English-speaking countries, access to the latest and greatest American content is limited.
  • Most places in the world get US TV shows one season behind the latest US release if they get them at all,

US entertainment is exported all over the world, but in foreign-language countries, the audio is often dubbed over. So, if you don’t fancy lipreading reruns, you need to tool up. “VPN” means ” virtual private network,” You don’t need an IT degree to use one.

The supporting technology is a little complicated but all you need to know is that when you install a VPN you appear to be in a different country to websites, apps, and services on the internet. There’s a wealth of VPNs to choose from, but only a handful can reliably bypass geographic restrictions and unblock US TV shows.

We’ll discuss each of the best VPNs for watching US TV online abroad in more detail, but if you don’t want to stick around, here are our top picks:

  1. NordVPN : Our first choice for expats, Blazing fast speeds, an excellent security record, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  2. Surfshark : A great budget VPN that doesn’t skimp on speed or security features. Unlocks most US streaming content.
  3. ExpressVPN : Fast provider that works with US Netflix and most of the major US TV networks. Best-in-class security and privacy features.
  4. CyberGhost : Low-cost performer that unblocks most US streaming sites. Good security features.
  5. IPVanish : Scores highly for speed. Very popular with torrenters and Kodi users but a less reliable choice for watching Netflix.
  6. PrivateVPN : An increasingly popular service with fast speeds. Good for streaming.
  7. Atlas VPN : Fast speeds for lag-free streaming of American TV. Strong unblocking of content such as Prime Video and HBO Max. Ad blocker included.

Fortunately, almost all US TV channels put their content on the internet, You can watch live US TV channels like ABC and CBS or browse on-demand video libraries from online services and streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sling TV, HBO, and Hulu.

Unfortunately, US TV streaming channels block access to internet users outside the country, So if you’re outside of the US for your vacations and still want to access your favorite shows you need to deploy technology to keep the entertainment flowing. To get around those restrictions, we recommend using a VPN.

If you want to know how to watch Hulu in China or how to get Netflix USA in France, read on.

Does Optus support VPN?

Optus Wireless IP VPN provides dedicated access, over the Optus 4G Plus and 3G mobile networks*, from the end user’s mobile devices to your company’s private IP data network.

How can I watch Optus Sports for free?

What content does Optus Sport offer for free? – Optus Sport used to offer a free 14-day trial, which is sadly no longer available. Optus customers also used to be available to access Optus Sport for free, but that was discontinued as of August 2022, You can, however, create an Optus Sport account for free and access a limited range of content including football highlights and Optus Sport Fitness.

What’s happened to Optus Sport?

Here’s what you need to know. From August 1, the price of an Optus Sport subscription is changing. The new RRP subscription price will be $24.99 per month or $199 for an annual pass. However, eligible Optus Customers will be offered a discounted subscription of $6.99 per month, a saving of over 70%.

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Can non Optus customers get Optus Sport?

Optus Sport paid subscriptions are available to both Optus and non-Optus customers. You can also create an Optus Sport account for free and access a great range of content including football highlights and Optus Sport Fitness.

Is Optus Sport unmetered?

How much data does Optus Sport use? – Optus does not publicly disclose specific details regarding the data usage of Optus Sport. However, estimates suggest that Optus Sport uses about 30MB of data per minute, meaning a full 90 minute football match will use around 2.7GB of data. See Optus Sport data usage stats below.

Minutes of Optus Sport Mobile Data Used
1 30MB
30 900MB
60 1800MB
90 2700MB

Estimates only. Optus Sport is unmetered on the Optus network, meaning that if you have either an eligible Optus mobile or broadband plan, you can stream Optus Sport without using your own data. In saying this, browsing in the app, authentication, analytics and advertising, such as the ads which play before your streamed content, all use data, meaning how much data you use will vary depending on a number of factors.

Does Optus Sport show all Premier League games?

EPL matches on Optus Sport – Can I Use Optus Sport Overseas Optus Sports provides comprehensive coverage of the English Premier League, including all matches of the 2022-2023 EPL season. Below are the upcoming fixtures for the 2022/23 EPL season:

Leeds United Vs. Liverpool – 5:00am (AEST) Tuesday, April 18 Arsenal Vs. Southampton – 5:00am (AEST) Saturday, April 22 Manchester United Vs. Chelsea – 10:00am (AEST) Saturday, April 22 Fulham Vs. Leeds United – 9:30pm (AEST) Saturday, April 22 Liverpool Vs. Nottingham Forest – 12:00am (AEST) Sunday, April 23 Leicester City Vs. Wolverhampton – 12:00am (AEST) Sunday, April 23 Crystal Palace Vs. Everton – 12:00am (AEST) Sunday, April 23 Brentford Vs. Aston Villa – 12:00am (AEST) Sunday, April 23 Brighton Vs. Manchester City – 10:00am (AEST) Sunday, April 23 Newcastle United Vs. Tottenham – 11:00pm (AEST) Sunday, April 23 Bournemouth Vs. West Ham United – 11:00pm (AEST) Sunday, April 23

Can you watch Australian TV in Europe?

What Australian TV can I watch free overseas? – With a suitable VPN you can stream Australian TV services free from overseas so long as it is a free-to-view channel. This means if you are traveling internationally you can still access popular Australian TV channels free with a VPN including:

  • ABC iView
  • SBS On Demand
  • 7Plus
  • 9Now
  • Ten play (Channel 10)

How can I watch the Australian Open in Europe?

Which UK channel is showing Australian Open tennis? – The 2023 Australian Open will be live on Eurosport in the UK. To watch, subscribe to Eurosport Player. Amazon Prime Video users can subscribe to the Discovery+ Entertainment & Sport add-on can watch live streams of the 2023 Australian Open on Eurosport channels.

Does Kayo work in Europe?

Although Kayo is an Australian brand that shows sporting content from all over the world, due to licensing rights with our global partners, you have to be in Australia to watch sports on Kayo. So, if you’re an Australian resident living overseas and try to access Kayo, you’ll receive an error message.

Does bet365 detect VPN?

Do all VPNs work with bet365? – No, most VPNs don’t work at all with bet365 — if the site detects that you’re using a VPN, it will deny you access to your account. So, you need to make sure you purchase a VPN that works with bet365 and also has servers in locations that work with bet365. A high-quality VPN like ExpressVPN will let you use your bet365 account as usual from anywhere in the world.

Can I use Optus Sport in UK?

How to Watch Optus Sport in UK: A Complete Guide Is Optus Sport available in UK? No, unfortunately, you cannot enjoy Optus Sport in UK, But, if you want to enjoy the exclusive home of Premier League, you need a premium VPN that has servers in Australia; we recommend, This guide explains everything you need to know to enjoy sports on the streaming channel.

Optus Sport is a sports channel operating in Australia which mainly shows Premier League among other sports such as UEFA Europa and UEFA Champions League. The only catch is that it’s geo-blocked and anyone outside Australia has to use an Optus Sport VPN to bypass the restrictions and hence watch Optus Sport in UK,

Read on to understand how to use VPN to enjoy live sports in UK.

Does VPN hide illegal streaming?

Torrenting and copyright issues – While using your VPN is still legal, it’s important to note that some activity is still illegal. Torrenting copyrighted material, or downloading and streaming copyrighted material in general, is still an illegal activity.

Many VPN users will turn to a VPN to help remain anonymous so that they can effectively engage in illegal or legally gray area streaming activities. A VPN service will hide copyright infringement activities, but it won’t protect users who are caught even after using a VPN service. Many services will, however, maintain no-log policies and IP leak protection to help prevent situations where user identity might be compromised.

You can see some of the most popular VPNs for torrenting here and read more about the related legal issues. What is a VPN? How does it work? For the average user, what’s actually happening when you connect to a virtual private network can be confusing at best, and downright suspicious at worst.

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How can I watch Australian TV outside Australia?

What Australian TV can I watch free overseas? – With a suitable VPN you can stream Australian TV services free from overseas so long as it is a free-to-view channel. This means if you are traveling internationally you can still access popular Australian TV channels free with a VPN including:

  • ABC iView
  • SBS On Demand
  • 7Plus
  • 9Now
  • Ten play (Channel 10)

Can I watch Optus Sports in UK?

1. – Best VPN to watch Optus Sport in UK – ExpressVPN is a household name to most streamers worldwide. We recommend it as the best overall to watch live and on-demand sports on Optus Sport. It also unlocks other major streaming apps such as,,, and others. Besides, it offers super fast speed when streaming. Another best feature is the number of servers. ExpressVPN has 3000+ servers across 94+ countries and more than 50 servers in Australia; we recommend servers in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney, You easily connect to the desired VPN with ease. Express VPN has one of the best in class encryption to protect you from cyberattacks, third parties, or anyone with intent to steal or manipulate your information online.

Again, there is a strict no log policy; no one wants their online dealing exposed, and Express knows that well. That’s why they are keen to wipe all data from their servers when the connection drops or during a reboot. For security, your data gets transmitted by the use of AES-256 which cannot be traced by hackers and thus you browse anonymously.

Again, users enjoy 5 simultaneous connections with a single account. All this comes at a cost. has three subscription plans; the best package goes for GB£ 5.36/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) – Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan. The plan comes with a money-back guarantee.

What VPN works with Optus Sports?

Optus Sport not working with VPN: Quick Fixes –

  1. Delete Cookies Can I Use Optus Sport Overseas Some websites and apps use Cookies to streamline your online experience. However, in order to make your online experience better, these Cookies contain information about your location. Optus can access this information and if it finds you’re outside Australia, it will block your connection. When trying to fix Optus Sports not working with VPN, a good place to start is deleting your Cookies.
  2. Change to a different Australian server Can I Use Optus Sport Overseas Try changing to a different Australian server if you’re still running into issues watching Optus Sports with your VPN. The current IP address your VPN has given you has probably been blocked by Optus. Changing to a different Australian server will give you a new one and if Optus haven’t blocked it, you’ll be able to watch Optus Sports with your VPN again.
  3. Upgrade to a better VPN Can I Use Optus Sport Overseas If you’ve made it this far in the list, Optus has managed to block all the IP addresses your VPN can provide. You can wait for your VPN to release new IP addresses that Optus Sports hasn’t blocked. However, there’s no telling how long this will take. Also, seeing as you’ve run into this problem already, it’s obvious your VPN doesn’t have measures in place to stay ahead of Optus’ blocks. And inevitably, the new IPs will get blocked by Optus as well. The best way to fix Optus Sports’s not working with VPN is to upgrade to a still compatible VPN with the streaming service. The best VPN for Optus Sports is ExpressVPN ($6.67/month), ExpressVPN ($6.67/month) has fast servers all over the world, and most importantly, it has measures in place that will stop all of its IP addresses from being blocked by Optus Sports. On the off chance your IP address is blocked by the streaming service, ExpressVPN ($6.67/month) closes that IP address and opens a new one ensuring you can use the VPN to watch Optus Sports reliably wherever you are. This will stop you from running into the same problems you’re coming across with your current VPN.

Can I access Kayo outside Australia?

Why can’t I access Kayo outside of Australia? Kayo is an Australian brand that shows content from all over the globe. However, due to rights and licensing agreements, you are required to be in Australia to access Kayo.